Thou Shall... 10 Commandments for
a happy and healthy 2015

Each turn of the New Year is full of resolutions that will be broken within the first week, right? it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead, set yourself realistic rules that you can stick to and if you break them, don’t beat yourself up – just start again and try a little harder the next time!

Resolutions normally come in the form of giving up or depriving yourself of certain things such as alcohol, chocolate etc. But why not turn 2015 into a positive year and promise to do a few good things for yourself instead?!

10 rules to abide by for 2015 & beyond

Remember: Healthy you = Happy You & Happy You = Healthy You!

Sleep easy

For at least 8 hours a night and get to sleep before midnight. Rise at the same time every day and never out sleep the clock, so never longer than 12 hours!

Eat organic

Fresh foods where possible, not pre packed or processed foods (full of nasties) Check out local markets for fresh fruit, veg and meats at decent prices.

love exercise

Here’s a 15 minute exercise plan you can do anywhere, anytime – so no excuses! Be sure you have fun doing it and if you want to look great at the same time check out the brand new boohoo fit range.


Smiles and laughter give out endorphins that will instantly lift you and others around you, making you more productive and even help you sleep better!

Ditch sugar

Try and stay away from refined white sugar. Avoid sweets, fizzy drinks and cakes! Treat yourself now and then to natural alternatives such as dark chocolate and coconut water.

Go Outdoors

Fresh air makes you feel amazing and connecting with the earth in bare feet will boost your immune system! Try some new outdoor activities like group running and boot-camps.


Yes we all have our vices, but don’t ban yourself of things (have a cheat day) and try to give up one bad thing a month to prove you can do it!

Drink H2O

2 litres a day are a MUST for healthy skin and hair. Start your day with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon to boost your metabolism and give you a daily detox!

Try Yoga

If you haven’t given it a go already, yoga should be on your hit list for 2015…it really will help with clearing your mind, helping you relax and making you more flexible, what’s not to love?!

Dare devil

Become a yes person! Try new hobbies, meet new people and experience as much as you can... remember life is for living!

10 rules to abide by for 2015 & beyond

Remember: Healthy you = Happy You & Happy You = Healthy You!