Launching their 3rd single ‘Stuck In This Mess’ on 1st March, four-piece boy/girl band EverYoung are a pure pop sensation. After a quick tour of their theatre school, we headed to The Queen Of Hoxton in London to chat to the guys and find out what’s in store for 2015…

Where did you meet each other?

Holly: We all went to school together [the Sylvia Young Theatre School]… me and Cherelle were in the same year.

Where did your name come from?

Jack: It was kind of a bit of a mixture between us and Sylvia and Simon [Young]… they brought a few ideas to us, we kinda just chose this one I guess because it relates most to how we grew up with Sylvia around us… and I guess we’ll be young forever.

Who are your main influencers?

Holly: I’m not so much influenced [by] but inspired a lot by Elvis Presley… that’s all I used to listen to.

Eyal: Eminem, Bastille… I listen toeverything from classical music tohip hop and rap.

Jack: I like an artist that can own a room without being too much…people like Adele, Sam Smith,Bruno Mars, Beyoncé.

Cherelle: My mum inspires me…she’s been my rock from day one…and Beyoncé and Rihanna.

What would your dream collaboration be?

All: Ed Sheeran!

Holly: I’m in love with the man! I think if we collaborated with him, my whole life would be made.

Jack: Someone like Jessie J.

Cherelle: Mine would be either Ellie Goulding or Mark Ronson.

Eyal: For me it would be Bastille, just because I would love to collaborate with another band and see what all of us with all of our vocals and instruments could make. I think it could be really exciting.

What are your essential items?

Cherelle: I’m really short so boots witha heel… and my phone and headphones.

Eyal:My dog… a watch… skinnyjeans, I love a pair of skinny jeans and hate wearing anything else!

Jack: My iPod because I couldn’tnot listen to music.

Holly: My phone, a teddy bear.

More of the same for 2015?

Eyal: More tours, gigging as much as we can, and getting our music out there, and just spreading the love with our fans.

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