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We want you to give you an insider’s view of boohoo – taking you behind-the-scenes to meet the people who make things happen, and meeting some of our ambassadors along the way. But most of all, we want you to take part!

So if you’ve got a question you just want to ask, join in our weekly tweet hour where we’ll be answering everything you want to know and more.

First up, meet Kizzy and Sophie from our HR team.

Ellie Mae @LittleEllieMae

@boohoo what kind of work experience did you do to get to where you are today? #WeAreUs

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @LittleEllieMae we both worked part time in retail before so any retail experience would be fab! x #WeAreUs

Amy-Lauren @amylaurenfitz

@boohoo How did you face the impending doom of graduation? (If you went to uni!) Also, could interview you for my dissertation? :) xx

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @amylaurenfitz graduation is AMAZING! Opens so many doors for new opportunities and experiences! Good luck! #WeAreUs x

Olivia @ViaEllex

@boohoo I gave up photography/fashion for a more academic route. Can you still get into the creative industry without creative experience?

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @ViaEllex yes, you can still show your creative side through your CV. We love to see any hobbies, skills and interests you have! #WeAreUs

Our top tip for how to get a job in fashion is to make yourself stand out from the crowd - ask us for more! #WeAreUs

Adrienne Naval @AdrienneNaval

@boohoo do you weigh GPAS and programs more than portfolios/CVs that showcase hobbies/interests when hiring? #WeAreUs

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @AdrienneNaval it's more about experience and personality at boohoo! Portfolios are great for the creative roles #WeAreUs

Carol Leedam @Cags_Leedam

@boohoo do you feel experience or innovation are better respected in the industry? Experience of Retail Management but no design background #WeAreUs

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @Cags_Leedam or design you would need some experience. My advice would be to get an internship or any voluntary work #WeAreUs x

TOP TIP: make sure you've researched the company as well as the role! #WeAreUs x

mia @mimiii_93

@boohoo Hello lovelies! What are you looking for in a trainee merchandiser and have you/when will you start the interview process for 405? X #WeAreUs

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @mimiii_93 we would be looking for someone with experience as an MAA. Ability to work in a fast paced environment would be a plus #WeAreUs x

Ellen Louise @EllenLouiseW

@boohoo will my degree in photography really help me get a job in fashion photography?

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @EllenLouiseW DEFFO!!! I would say try and get some experience as a freelancer and get building that portfolio! #WeAreUs x

TOP TIP: Know the names of who you are meeting in you're interview. If you're not sure, it’s totally fine to ask..especially at boohoo!

Bex @bubblybex3

@boohoo I've worked retail for 10 years but can't break into fashion/beauty. Any advice?

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @bubblybex3 are you doing anything to do with fashion/beauty outside work? That would really help. Don’t give up on your passion #WeAreUs x

TOP TIP: Know the location of interview, there's nothing worse than being late! You'll be flustered & stressed which will knock confidence.

nugget @bronniegina98

@boohoo what are the careers you guys have in fashion photography? Are there many vacancies or are they all filled pretty quickly?

boohoo.com @boohoo

Hi @bronniegina98 please check out our careers website for all vacancies http://bit.ly/1FUFQ1U or follow @boohoojobs for updates #WeAreUs x

That's it from us! To keep updated with all the latest vacancies follow @boohoojobs. Thanks for all your questions! #WeAreUs x
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