We Are Bold

Bella Thorne

We chatted to actress and face of We Are Now Ė Bella Thorne on her life, her experienceon the We Are Now shoot and fashion and beauty favourites.

What does We Are Now mean to you?

We Are Now means being an individual, being yourself, being bright and shiny and the best you can beÖ.Living in the moment.

What is your favorite boohoo item?

Thatís like asking a mother to pick out of her children. I love the red dress, itís so cool, itís hard to get a really good red dress, like a signature Jessica Rabbit and luckily boohoo has it which is amazing.

What has been your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was probably just chilling, talking and being part of the shoot.

Why do you like boohoo?

I love boohoo because; number 1, I never go into stores I love shopping online. Number 2, I love the prints and patterns. They make things hot for all seasons, so I just I love all of that.

Which celebrities give you style inspiration?

I love Blake Lively, not only her style is great but she knows a lot of people. You could be wearing a cool dress but if it doesnít fit you perfectly, it has to be tailored for your body. Also one thing I love about boohoo is everything I try on seems to make my body look better and Blake Lively always has that down.

What trends are you loving this spring?

I love espadrilles and these shoes Iím wearing today, Iím obsessed! I love the one strap sandals. I saw a pair that I didnít get to wear that are pink with a strap thatís just glitter. If you guys see those missing you know who to call.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

Iíve always been interested in fashion because I grew up doing modelling and runways.

Whatís your beauty routine?

My beauty routine; I wake up, I wash my face, I use an oil free acne wash which is great, pink grapefruit is my favourite it smells really good. Then I put on SPF, a tinted moisturiser and Iím kind of okay for the day.

What 5 pieces do you think everyone should own and why?

A pair of ripped jeans, a good pair of boots and sneakers, itís all I wear and a nice leather jacket. My style every day is a black leather jacket, a white T-Shirt, blue jeans and black boots. Iíd go with a comic book T-Shirt thatís always cool and so funky!

Describe a typical work day in 3 words

My typical work day, it could be anything; funny, because when on set I have to make it fun. Weird, because Iím weird and everything I do is weird and long, definitely long days, we work a lot of hours.

Your favorite thing about your job isÖ.

Probably getting to not be me for a while. Iím a little boring, I like being other characters too itís really interesting.

What are your goals for 2015?

My goals for 2015ÖI donít really set rules like ďby this time I need to do this this and this and have thisĒ I kind of just go with the flow. Every day shocks me and surprises me. Iím more and more shocked by people recognising me and all that kind of stuff. I guess you could say Iím just taking it a day at a time.

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