How we measure success

Delivering engagement across channels in line with an increase in visits and sales as part of our criteria to measure the campaign’s success.

  • Strengthen brand understanding and allow people to feel part of something both internally and externally
  • Differentiate ourselves in the market and allow customers to form a relationship with us
  • +20% visits YoY
  • + 20% sales
  • Trend in the UK on Twitter
  • Deliver organic engagement through social media
  • Secure consumer and business press coverage
  • Differentiate and interact with customers on more levels than just clothing by creating opportunities for interesting content
  • Provide a platform for consistency across the 8 TV campaigns we air a year
  • Stay relevant


  • Visits year to date tracking at 29%
  • YoY Jan-Feb average +13%, the launch of WeAreStylists accelerated this to date averaging 30% - we attribute this to the cut through and relevancy of the WeAre messaging
  • The consistency of message allowed us to increase investment by 27% YoY while maintaining efficiency due to improved engagement with the campaign, improving visits and ultimately conversion.


  • WeAreStylists social stunt trended 1st in the UK and 4th Worldwide
  • WeAreFree stutnt trended 5th in the UK
  • #WeAreUs competition saw 8,016 UGC entries making it our most successful competition to date (target 5000)
  • WeAreHot saw the introduction of TV ad targetting with a reach of nearly 13,000 engagements