We Are Bold

Angel Haze

We chatted to rapper and face of We Are Bold Ė Angel Haze on her life, her experience on the We Are Bold shoot and fashion and beauty favorites.

What does We Are Bold mean to you?

I guess itís basically a call to women, not any sort of woman but there are so many different types and the mainstream pushes one at you all the time and Iím not like societyís woman. I am androgynous, I have fun, I wear black and I do crazy things. They make clothes for people like me and people like you and people like anyone else and I think itís really dope.

What has been your favorite part of the day?

Riding around in a mustang screaming my woes and being filmed for it. Thatís not even work, thatís just me having fun, itís great.

Why do you like boohoo?

I like boohoo because they make great clothes and now that Iíve worked with them I like them because theyíre great people.

Which celebrities give you style inspiration?

It ranges from Michael Jackson, who was incredibly underrated in the dress department to Chris Jones and people like Prince. I like all sorts of things, it doesnít really matter to me as long as they look good and so long as they fit my aesthetic.

What trends are you loving this spring?

Iím really loving festival wear, from long line T-Shirts, to French styling and leather jackets, itís really cool.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

Iíve always been interested in fashion since a very early age. I like what works for me. Not until I became almost famous or whatever you want to call this, no just kidding, but I started meeting with lots of designers and going to lots of shows and now Iím very interested in fashion because thereís so much that goes into it, itís an actual art so I do love fashion a lot.

Whatís your beauty routine?

Oh my god, my beauty routine involves me waking up, applying a yogurt mask and then slapping on a bunch of make up like everybody else!

Who has been the best person that you have ever worked with?

It has to be my dad. Itís one of those things where the ultimate comfortability is there, I trust him, I love him and heís great at what he does.

What are your goals for 2015?

Get out more, do more fun stuff, take myself a little less seriously and make really, really epic s**t.

What 5 pieces do you think everyone should own and why?

A great pair of boots, an awesome handbag, a pair of boyfriend jeans for those days where you just donít feel like trying, a grandpa sweater and one of those brushes that you use on your face and get really deep in your pores.

Describe your style in 3 words

Androgynous, black and carefree.

Describe a typical work day in 3 words

Fast, fun and comfortable.

Your favorite thing about your job is...

I make money for doing absolutely nothing except what I love, itís insane cause thatís nothing to me. Itís like waking up and breathing so I even make money for breathing thatís great, itís the best thing.

Whatís a typical day in your life?

I wake up every morning at 6:45am and take my dog to Elysion Park at 7am and then by 10 I get sleepy again, so I take little powernap for like 20 minutes. Then I go to work at exactly 1 until sometimes 1 in the morning. By work I could be painting, I could be writing, I could be recording, all those things, they usually take all day for me.

What music are you listening to right now?

Thereís a guy called Borned who sings a song called Electric Love. The new Kendrick Lamar album and Drake mix tape is amazing. Iím listening to a lot of myself because obviously I have to keep that at the forefront.