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Dom & Ink

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. This summer we’re searching for the coolest kids on the block, the wunderkinds of the creative world and the home-grown heroes that inspire us every day…. And that could be you!

For our first installment, we wanted to find someone who could put pen to paper, literally. So after falling for his illustrated love manual ‘Map My Heart’ (you have to read it to find out) we couldn’t wait to meet the man behind the doodles Dominic Evans aka Dom & Ink.

We caught up with Dom on homesoil in Manchester to check out his work first hand; we loved it so much, we asked him to illustrate a feature for the May issue of Stylefix. And what better way than bringing our other creators together?

Dom penned In The Bag; drawing up the content of the travel bag of our stylist, model and a very special singer-songwriter before they jetted off to film our latest TV ad.

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Name: Domnic Evans Age: 28

Occupation: Fashion & lifestyle illustrator

Location: Manchester

Known for: Observational drawings and witty annotations

Style: Signature quiff and loud Hawaiian shirt

Tea or coffee: Serial tea drinker

Guilty pleasure: Trash TV

Can’t travel without: Piling loads of lastminute accessories into my hand-luggagefor on set styling tweaks.

Can’t travel without: A yoga mat,hydration spray and so much chocolate.

Can’t travel without: My voice, I look after itwith a Dr Nelson’s Steam Inhaler and lots of lemon and honey.

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