2022 Trend Forecast

the year of dressing for you

boohoo's trend report has officially landed!

We want to help you shop for the new year using some of our favourite throwback trends that dominated our wardrobes in 2021, and predict your go-to fits for 2022 - the year of dressing for you.

We chatted to some of our buying and data experts to review how we should be shopping for 2022 - looking at bounceback trends, social media, and some of our external style icons and muses.


Experts say fashion trends return every 30 years, and that statement couldn't be more true for the fashion landscape last year. 2021 saw a selection of the most iconic styles from the 90s making a fierce comeback - and we expect this year will be no different.

Looking at sales data, search increases and TikTok views, we've identified the top three wardrobe staples which made the biggest comebacks during 2021 - all worn by some of our favourite 90/00s style icons!

Cargo Pants

No Y2K wardrobe comeback is complete without a pair of 90s inspired cargo pants!

This trend was a HOT wardrobe staple in the 90s, and was regularly seen on the most iconic celebrities of the decade such as Jennifer Aniston, JLo and Britney Spears. Seen on both the red carpet and in pap shots, cargo pants were the item of clothing on everyone's shopping list.

Easily accessorised with a choker and boots, we saw over 69,000+ unique searches across our site last year, while they've gained over 122.8M views on TikTok to date!

Wide Leg Jeans

Bringing back all the Y2K and 00s vibes of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen era, last year saw the return of wide-leg jeans. This style had a huge resurgence in popularity and saw an impressive 26,959 unique searches across boohoo's site. Wide-leg jeans were EVERYWHERE last spring-summer and were searched for by 37.7 million viewers on TikTok. Their popularity quickly landed them in collections across the whole fashion landscape throughout 2021.

We think it's fair to say skinny jeans are quickly becoming the ghost of fashion's past, and wide-leg jeans are here to stay for 2022!


Beyoncé called, she wants her bandana back! Call it festival fashion, or call it the return of nostalgic summer style, bandanas are back. First seen on Beyoncé three whole decades ago, the bandana's comeback made its way onto TikTok last summer and has since gained a HUGE number of views - 651.8 million, to be exact. This influenced millions of outfit choices and festival goers around the world - a bandana folded into a top and paired with matching flares was the perfect festival 'fit for the return of summer!

With a total of 105,212 unique searches (46% increase YoY) across our site, we expect bandanas will continue to be one of our 2022 best sellers.


Thanks to the nature of the platform, ANYTHING has the ability to go viral on TikTok, including fashion pieces…

With the effects of the pandemic forcing us to shop from the comfort of our homes, TikTok as a platform has completely revolutionised social media - and we don't think 2022 will be any different. We envision users will continue to utilise the app for style inspiration and sharing fashion hauls with the world.

We've included our ones to watch for the year ahead below:


Our data showed that corsets saw the most TikTok views, with an impressive 2.9 BILLION (yes billion) views to date. With multiple spiking factors, ranging from Netflix's popular Bridgerton series to Billie Eilish's infamous British Vogue cover, TikTok hauls and styling videos helped viewers style the once-controversial undergarment as a must-have wardrobe essential - which we don't think is going anywhere this year either!

Claw Clips

Accessories for your hair were also a big trend in late 2021 (and way into this year!!) with the iconic 90s claw clip making its way back onto our dressing tables. This low-maintenance accessory has received more than 510.7M views on TikTok to date. Its versatility allows you to create a multitude of hairstyles, with many opting to recreate the classic 90s loose ponytail look.

Tooth Gems

An absolute throwback item that we were shocked to see has over 159.1 million TikTok views to date is the temporary, yet stylish, mouth addition: the tooth gem! Primed to be one of 2022's top beauty trends, the small yet stylish gems saw an impressive 5,600% increase in popularity according to Google Search data from October-November last year.

And if you just can't get enough - we have included below our top 10 trends to watch based on their TikTok popularity (to date)!

Claw clip510.7M
Tooth gems 159.1M
Tennis skirt94.6M
Hoop earrings26.1M
Boyfriend jeans24.8M
Chunky boots18.9M
Leather trousers10.1M


Although we know social media plays a big part in inspiring and influencing fashion, we also know that there is no better time to look forward than now. We sat down with our Product Director, Claire Asher, to get her first-hand knowledge on what trends we are investing in for 2022 - perfect for forecasting what's to come!


Following the success of its first season, Bridgerton became a trending topic on TikTok with a total of 8.6B views, and is set to return for its second series in 2022! After its first series proved to be a huge hit across the world, we saw searches for corseted items of clothing rise across multiple categories. The series' inspired regency romance looks across shopping platforms and social media and we expect to see similar patterns of "regency romance" following season two this year.

Claire comments:

"Last year whilst in lockdown, we saw our customers were keen to keep their romantic sides alive. With season two of Bridgerton set to air shortly, we would expect to see the romance of the Bridgerton effect continue as we head into SS22. We'll fill the regency shaped hole in your life with everything you need for the perfect date night from lingerie, accessories, dresses"


Also having a huge influence on trending fashion was Sex Education, which became the third most-viewed series on Netflix following the release of its third season in 2021 (and season four is set to land at some point this year!!) Main character Ruby brought a chic 70s style to the third series last year and EVERYONE was talking about it! Her iconic heart-print jeans sent sales soaring, while demand for pink skinny jeans saw a massive spike! We can expect that season four will bring more iconic throwback looks and styles to our screens (we're talking cycling shorts, logo sweaters, leggings and chunky trainers) similar to those we saw in 2021 which viewers are sure to look to recreate.

Claire comments:

"Designers and retailers alike have always been inspired by trends from the archives and for spring-summer 22 collections there will be a real nod to vintage revival. The 60's and 70's are key within some of our spring trends such as Retro resort and Holiday romance."


Celebrity status and pop culture is constantly changing the fashion landscape and influencing the latest trends around the globe.

Thanks to the woman of the hour, Megan Fox, bold statement style is set to make its way into wardrobes again this year. Megan has been known to influence wardrobe choices, and 2021 was no different with her striking MET Gala and VMA looks bringing in over 6.6m Instagram likes.

Claire comments:

"As inspired by Megan Fox, we expect people to put their best foot forward for spring with a focus on statement dressing, power suits and bold colours. If you’re looking to get into the goth girlfriend look, we suggest buying into business casual, leather accessories, chains and a bold lip colour!"


Claire comments:

"For spring-summer 22 collections, colours will be bright and bold and reminiscent of the iconic 90s era. After the media described COVID as "dark times", we think the brighter the better! Colour block dressing will also be key alongside clashing colours and prints."

However the next year pans out, whether we are focusing on in-in chic or out-out partywear, we know between TikTok, Netflix and our social following, we have never been more excited to see how our wardrobes evolve throughout 2022 and beyond!