5 minutes with...


  • OCCUPATION:Stylist and costume designer
    to hip + famous
  • SPECIALIST TOPIC:Really Cute Clothes!

How did you get into styling?

I used to make bathing suits, then I started assisting stylists for money and I thought ‘oh this is cool’. I assisted for about 8 years before I really did my own jobs. But I always built a lot of stuff; people would hire me because I had sewing skills. So I’m kind of more like a costume designer than a stylist, a lot of stuff Charli wears on stage I design and sew.

How did your working relationship with Charli come about?

I got a phone call from her publicist and they just needed someone to dress her for the Billboard Music Awards and she was still relatively unknown, well not unknown but not like she is now. I was like ‘yeah she’s cool, I like her music, I’ll style her’ and then we hit it off and we’ve just been together ever since, a year now.

“I was like ‘yeah she’s cool, I like her music, I’ll style her’ and then we hit it off”

You clearly have a real bond,
what makes you so tight?

I don’t know, we just get each other! You know, I think of us as friends now. We started out as work but when you’re doing something as intimate as dressing somebody you get close real fast.


And you really know her style…

Yeah and we kind of build it together. She’ll get into something and show it to me and I’ll be really into it or vice versa.
She definitely has her own sense of who she is and a strong feeling of what she likes.

So it’s exciting to style Charli’s first collab collection shoot with boohoo?

YES and it’s really cute too! It’s so good and I’m so happy for her, that she is doing this project.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I love the two piece leopard co-ord; the grey one with the bell bottoms.

(OMG we love it too) How will you style it on tomorrow’s shoot?

Yeah I think I’m gonna have to see it on her body, but I think it might look cute with one of the berets from the collection.

Or maybe a little faux fur draped over the shoulder.

What’s the inspiration for the campaign shoot hair and makeup?

We did this Paper magazine shoot and Andy Lecompte did her hair and we just loved what he did. I feel like ‘that look’ works really well with these clothes to make them editorial. I mean, they are already really nice as they are but the hair and makeup can really bring it to life and it gives it a sense of context. So we’re going to go with this kind of stringy, wet look and a little messy. She loves having messy hair anyway.

What winter essential should the boohoo girl make sure she has in her wardrobe?

All of the fur cuffs from the Charli collection! They are my other collection favourite actually. They are just so smart!