"The Media Mix"

Delivering impact across relevant channels has helped spread the WeAreUs message globally. We take the same approach with each campaign to create a consistent message and brand identity. The percentages are based on total media spend and show the current WeAreHot mix as it stands


Targeting channels and programmes relevant to our demographic as well as key sponsorship opportunities across MTV. Constantly re-evaluating and testing our strategy with a mix of big brand spots and direct response. On average our TV spots deliver 20 million impacts a month.


We utilise the same creative across all digital advertising including affiliate banners.
This percentage includes spend across all digital channels. For our WeAreHot campaign we supported the Shazam partnership with digital display ads across the app’s interfaces.


Launching campaigns with social advertising on relevant channels helps to drive engagement. For WeAreHot we targetted on Twitter with the TV ad, including people who were having conversations around the shows we were airing in to strengthen the multi- screen experience.


Supporting our TV advertising with OOH strengthens the boohoo brand message. Each London Underground campaign delivers 81,469,000 impacts with the creative featuring across 450 spots.


Selecting key titles each month, print media helps to build our ATL coverage while strengthening relationships with the press. Since the launch of WeAreUs we’ve advertised across titles with a circulation of 11.2 million.