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    Showcases Blackout, Whiteout & Urban Canvas


    What:Unsurprisingly black-heavy, Blackout features accents of navy, white and grey to bring this trend out of the shadows! It's a laid back trend inspired by street and sportswear that looks to longlines for layering fun. Trust black to bring attitude to your couch-friendly casuals.


    Wear:Tropical prints on shorts, shirts and sweaters for that go-to summer feeling. Prints pop on a black background, giving the tropical shirt a cooler edge with more attitude than we’ve seen before!

    What:Coordinates, Printed shirts, printed shorts, ribbed hem sweaters.


    What:Much like Blackout, the clue is in the name and much of the same applies; laidback, casual pieces, with white prints on white, oversized shapes, skate shorts, baseball shackets, and comfort.

    Wear:Grandad collar shirt, slouchy knits, drop crotch jogger.

    Urban Canvas

    What:Another casual street wear inspired trend, with a heavy focus on print. Earthly colours get a bright make over as we move into the summer with textured prints and dye effects. Camo, pop art, geometric patterns and slogans; the city is your inspiration.

    Wear:Printed Sweats, Fishtail Parka, Black skinny jeans.

    Who:Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky

    Designers:Givenchy, John Richmond, Skingraft, Bobby Abley, James Long, Christopher Shannon, Issey Miyake, A. Sauvage

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  • Destination

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    Includes: Truckstop, Global Boho & Northern light

    Global BOHO

    What:With smart styles in light draped fabrics, a mix of cultures collide in Global Boho. Layer relaxed fit shirts with loose knit jumpers, and drop crotch trousers with draped knits and vests.

    Wear:Relaxed, loose fit t-shirts and draped shirts with open knits and extreme drop crotch trousers.

    Who:Robert Patterson, Harry Styles, Johnny Depp, Dougie Pointer

    Designers:Kenzo, Iceberg, Agnes B, Christopher Lemaire, Dsquared, Common, Dior Homme


    What:Truck Stop features this year’s essential denim styles. From patchwork shirts and laundered t-shirts to sleeveless denim jackets and dungarees, the Truck Stop trend encompasses clean lines and sturdy denim alongside soft chambrays and worn in styles. With sleek styling, even a boiler suit becomes an everyday piece!

    Wear:Denim, Denim Shirts, Jeans, Jackets, and distressed cotton T-shirts.

    Northern Light

    What:The new Nautical has arrived. Yes, every year we see a trend come through giving us a fresh take on sailor styles. This year sees subtlety in draw cord ties, fishtail macs and ocean prints. The classic Bretton stripe will make an appearance with embroidered logos on tees, shirts and windbreaker sweats. And it wouldn’t be nautical without a nod to the classic chino – a menswear summer staple!

    Wear:Chinos, Breton stripes, raincoats.

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  • Premium

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    Showcases three phases of Boys Club, Manchester Boy, The Business & Revival & Courtside.

    Manchester Boy

    What:Inspired by British terrace sub cultures of the 80s & 90s, MCR takes notes from the Manchester lad. A very Northern style, the focus is on football fashion, with a mix of heritage sportswear and a colour palette that comes with an athletic streak!

    Wear:Polo shirts, Harrington jacket, tracksuit, retro sportswear.


    What:Smarter than the previous Premium Performance trends, simple slogans and clean lettering on pastels with clean lines and towel textures.

    Wear:long line, open knits, tapered track pants, collegiate references.

    Who:Jake Bugg, Pro Green, Tommy Mallet, Jack O'connell

    Designers:Ami Alexandre Mattiussi, John Richmond, Lacose, Antonio Marras


    What:Revival pays homage to sporting originals, reworking into street wear. With neutral tones with pops of primary reds and blues.

    What:Chevron stripes, zip through polos, retro running shorts.

    The business

    What:Miami Vice meets Essex. Think smart coordinates with stripes (mix it up with chevron and straight), and a focus on soft, pastel colours.

    Wear:Chinos and chino shorts, co-ordinated suits, shirts and polos.

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