Danielle Peazer x boohoo FIT

There’s something for everyone, no
matter what work out you’re doing

What are your favourite looks from the boohoo FIT collection?

I love the really cool prints and pops of neon as well as the more basic pieces. There’s something for everyone no matter what work out you’re doing.

Top 3 tips to stay motivated at the gym?

Good music, working out with friends and knowing what areas of the body you want to work on before you start, so you have a plan.

What track can always get you up dancing?

This is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but Taylor Swift! She’s just got great songs and is really fun to listen to.

Your fave breakfast has to be…

Anything with avocado!

A typical afternoon looks like…

Trying to get a workout at my gym at some point, I can't work out in the morning so I save it for the afternoons.

Has dance influenced your style?

Definitely! I probably wouldn’t wear as many work out clothes as I do if I wasn’t dancing, so I’ve carried this over into my everyday style. I’ll wear trainers and jeans for example, I love to be comfy!

Who’s the best person you have danced for?

It’s really hard to choose one as I’ve been really lucky, but I’d say dancing with Justin Timberlake was definitely up there!

"Dance has influenced my style"

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