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We want you to give you an insider’s view of boohoo – taking you behind-the-scenes to meet the people who make things happen, and meeting some of our ambassadors along the way. But most of all, we want you to take part!

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Arianna Chatz @ariannachatz

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode hello ladies! I'm a newbie blogger, do u have some tips on how to reach new followers & best times to post? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hi @ariannachatz! Engaging with other bloggers and having a strong individuality across your content helps. #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Also @ariannachatz first thing in the morning when people check their phones and the evenings are a great time to post! x#WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Hannah Newbould @HannahNewby13

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode Hi ladies! I'm thinking of starting a blog. Which blog platform would you recommend? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hi @HannahNewby13 I'd recommend @WordPress because it's so easy to use and customise the design yourself! #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Sophie @AprilLilyRose

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode How can you make your photos for your blog and Instagram stand out a bit more from the crowd? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hey! @AprilLilyRose make sure they're good quality, reflect your own sense of style & think about nice location/backgrounds etc. #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Sophie @AprilLilyRose

@boohoo Thanks! Also should photos be portrait or landscape? I know Pinterest likes portrait but Bloglovin home feed looks better landscape? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

We think a variety of shots, close-ups etc it's all about finding what works for you! @AprilLilyRose #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Kylie jane @kylijanee

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode hey is there any way to reach out to bloggers more for collaborations? ;) x #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hey @kylijanee a great way is networking, going to events and speaking to bloggers/brands within the blogging community! x #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Tola @TolaRose

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode how many times a week would you suggest for new blog posts? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hi @TolaRose quality is more important than quantity, even if you only post once a week good content will keep readers coming back! #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Dolly @iBe_Xclusive

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode how can I establish a vast fan base? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex @_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hey @TolaRose Promote yourself on social media channels & network at events with other brands and bloggers. You'll get there! #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

Tyra Morrison @TyraMorrison

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode how'd you go about taking pics if you have no one around to take them for you? #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex@_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hey @TyraMorrison you could use a tripod, or a timer on your camera! (or befriend a photography student !) x #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers

@MillieWin13 @MillieWin13

@boohoo @_rosieglow @alexalamode How would you make a career out of blogging, how do you get noticed? X #WeAreUs

Rosie & Alex@_rosieglow @alexalamode

Hiya! @MillieWin13 working hard, post unique content, and create great relationships with brands and other bloggers really helps! x #WeAreUs #WeAreInfluencers